Orange Slices (orange)

Orange Slices (green)

Orange Potpourri Off-cuts

Orange Whole (green)

Orange Whole (orange)

Lemon Halves

Apple Slices (red)

Apple Slices (green)

Pear Slices

Image coming soon

Lemon Slices (green)

Limes Whole (green)

Butternut Slices

Image coming soon

Sulphurea Flowers

Lemon Slices (yellow)

Ruby Grapefruit Slices


Chilli Peppers
African Melon Slices
Bleached Gumbells
Protea Flowers
(sulfured) Small
Protea Flowers
(natural) Medium
Protea Flowers
(sulfured) Medium
Repens Flowers (loose)
Repens Bud and Flower (red)
Repens Buds
(cream and red)
Orange Tops and Ends
Guava Slices
Spidergum Knob Loose
Sabulosum Bleached
Muirii Cones
Squash Slices
Repens Rosette Bleached
Pineapple Slices
Red Plumosum Cones

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