Our high quality decorative fruits and vegetables are grown in the fertile valleys of the Western Cape where they are ripened by the warm South African sun. Their rich colors and fragrances are preserved through innovative drying technology. Only food preservatives are used during the low temperature dehydration process to ensure safe and long lasting natural products for our customers. Our dried plant material is human and animal friendly and can be used for decorative purposes in a variey of settings.

The products are protected against infestation by controlling the environment and quality during manufacturing and packaging. All packed dried products are inspected and treated with food grade fumigants and irradiation before sealed to ensure the highest possible quality and protection against infestation during packaging.

The products are 100% natural and contain only their original, natural color and natural fragrances. Therefore, the color and fragrances will deteriorate over time and the fruit can be eaten by insect when stored improperly. Store products away from direct sunlight, store below 25 ºC and keep products packed and tightly sealed during storage.

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